A few apps that you will need to have in your iPhone 7


The Google’s primary messaging or the email app is a boon to all the iPhone users, and it serves as a great communication tool if the user is using the Gmail’s email service. According to the experts the Outlook, cannot handle all kinds of e-mail accounts provided by different companies. But the Gmail’s app makes the entire working of the email database in a much faster and seamless way. That capacity of the Gmail app makes it a must app for all iPhone users. Hence, the Gmail easily becomes the primary e-mail app in the iPhone. The smooth, seamless interface gives it the most important priority but unfortunately, Apple does not allow third-party app to be the default app.

Google Maps

Google Maps is another great product from the largest Internet giant. It has the most updated detailed geographic information of almost all the places around the world. The voice assistance features while navigations on the car, foot or public transports acts as a boon for the commuters. The help of Google Maps will now help you to see the estimated traveling times along with the integration of your Google account for the quick access to the work and home addresses. The offline maps, indoor maps, and even the street view act as the icing on the cake. Though the Apple Maps had a shaky start, recent updates make it capable of most features of the Google Maps. The Here Maps act as an excellent substitute for the Google Maps.


The iPhone is almost incomplete without the Evernote app for iPhones. The users of iPhone become much more productive with the help of the Evernote app, when they are away from their desktops It is a free application available in the Apple Store which enables the user to take up important notes, and eventually, it outdoes its rivals with its inbuilt robust searching capabilities and seamless organization. The secret behind the popularity and success is that the Evernote synchronizes all the data of the user’s by saving it to its online cloud storage, which gives the user the access to the files even if the iPhone user logs into the Evernote’s server using a different device.


Snapchat is a visual chat app, which can be very fun to use. The experts recommend not using Snapchat as a secure and private messaging app. It is a simple app, which enables you to use and swap gorgeous visuals with your friends. The messages sent with the help of Snapchat disappear from the receiver’s phone after a short while. The sender can choose up to a time frame of 10 seconds as the limit of the period. Snapping a picture, drawing or writing on top of it, if you wish or you can even choose the amount of time so that the recipient can have a look at it, and only send it away. Just bearing in mind that all the digital media is reproducible, and you should never send anything private and illicit, or anything, which is meant to be secured through Snapchat.


Yelp is the most powerful business-reviewing app. Sometimes it turns out to be a valuable tool for finding stores, restaurants, and services nearby. It helps especially when you’re out of town in a foreign land where you don’t have the idea about anything. The mobile app contributes to finding a place of need in the nearby locality. It can be finding a hairdresser or local restaurants and even finding the best ratings about a hotel or inn. The app is quite reliable and works globally.