Nokia Vs. Apple: Top Patent Infringement Information That You Need To Know


The Nokia has made an entry into the space of the mobile world. Very few technology companies stimulate the feelings of nostalgic as of Nokia. The name recalls the memories of the past when cell phones were small devices, just for making phone calls, as compared to today’s smartphone, which is almost a portable computer that engages us to check our emails and social media every other minute. From the year 1998 to 2007, Nokia was considered the best-selling mobile of all time and even it was once declared Europe’s biggest company, with a market capital of $300bn, and revenue which was almost equal to the one-fifth of Finland’s GDP.

Recently, the once giant company sued Apple, which is considered as the biggest tech company in the present day. Nokia has been out of the mobile industry for quite a long time now.

Lawsuit filed by Nokia

Higher officials of Nokia has confirmed the re-entry of Nokia in the mobile industry in 2017. The Finnish company declared that it filed patent infringement lawsuits against Apple in the District Court of United States for the Eastern District of Texas, as well as in the Regional Courts of Mannheim, Munich, and Dusseldorf in Germany. Among all these lawsuits, Nokia claims that Apple has infringed 32 of its patents, which include a user interface, covering the display, software, chipsets, antenna, and technologies of video coding.

The official declaration of the press release on the patent infringement matter, unfortunately, lacks many details, so we are not still aware of how Apple is supposed to be infringing these patents. Nokia Officials says that since concurring to a license, which covers some of its patents, back in 2011, Apple declined the offers made by Nokia to license its other patented inventions, which are being used by Apple in its products, and this issue has become the primary reason for the lawsuits.

Claims of Nokia

Nokia has filed lawsuits against Apple and in the present day it alleges that the Apple’s iPhone deliberately violates ten different patents, which are still owned by Nokia. It also claims that the technologies, which range from speech coding to wireless data transmission or even the security features have been used in every iPhone since it has existed in the market. Nokia. The Finland-based company dominants the smartphone market with around 45 percent share of the market. It says that the licensed patent technologies are being used and paid for by 40 different tech companies whereas the Apple is infringing its patent rights.

Research and Development of Nokia

The organizations and technological companies should be able to protect their private properties and investment in the developing of technical solutions. Nokia claims that it has invested approximately $90 billion over the past two decades on research and development for the patented technologies.

Apple’s Smartphone Market Share

Apple holds the 3rd position in the worldwide smartphone market, but it receives a stiff competition from the Android Smartphone’s Market. Still, Apple’s iPhone is the best seller in the United States and the global smartphone market also receives a very tough competition due to the operations of Apple in China. Whereas the Nokia nearly banished from the market quite for some time and it feels the heat from the iPhone.

Success of Apple

Regarding the revenue collection, Apple is the largest company in the smartphone market which is considered the present giant of the mobile industry. It is reported, that Nokia is trying to regain its market share by suing Apple for patents and even it desires to influx the cash from Apple.