Nokia Vs. Apple: Top Patent Infringement Information That You Need To Know


The Nokia has made an entry into the space of the mobile world. Very few technology companies stimulate the feelings of nostalgic as of Nokia. The name recalls the memories of the past when cell phones were small devices, just for making phone calls, as compared to today’s smartphone, which is almost a portable computer that engages us to check our emails and social media every other minute. From the year 1998 to 2007, Nokia was considered the best-selling mobile of all time and even it was once declared Europe’s biggest company, with a market capital of $300bn, and revenue which was almost equal to the one-fifth of Finland’s GDP.

Recently, the once giant company sued Apple, which is considered as the biggest tech company in the present day. Nokia has been out of the mobile industry for quite a long time now.

Lawsuit filed by Nokia

Higher officials of Nokia has confirmed the re-entry of Nokia in the mobile industry in 2017. The Finnish company declared that it filed patent infringement lawsuits against Apple in the District Court of United States for the Eastern District of Texas, as well as in the Regional Courts of Mannheim, Munich, and Dusseldorf in Germany. Among all these lawsuits, Nokia claims that Apple has infringed 32 of its patents, which include a user interface, covering the display, software, chipsets, antenna, and technologies of video coding.

The official declaration of the press release on the patent infringement matter, unfortunately, lacks many details, so we are not still aware of how Apple is supposed to be infringing these patents. Nokia Officials says that since concurring to a license, which covers some of its patents, back in 2011, Apple declined the offers made by Nokia to license its other patented inventions, which are being used by Apple in its products, and this issue has become the primary reason for the lawsuits.

Claims of Nokia

Nokia has filed lawsuits against Apple and in the present day it alleges that the Apple’s iPhone deliberately violates ten different patents, which are still owned by Nokia. It also claims that the technologies, which range from speech coding to wireless data transmission or even the security features have been used in every iPhone since it has existed in the market. Nokia. The Finland-based company dominants the smartphone market with around 45 percent share of the market. It says that the licensed patent technologies are being used and paid for by 40 different tech companies whereas the Apple is infringing its patent rights.

Research and Development of Nokia

The organizations and technological companies should be able to protect their private properties and investment in the developing of technical solutions. Nokia claims that it has invested approximately $90 billion over the past two decades on research and development for the patented technologies.

Apple’s Smartphone Market Share

Apple holds the 3rd position in the worldwide smartphone market, but it receives a stiff competition from the Android Smartphone’s Market. Still, Apple’s iPhone is the best seller in the United States and the global smartphone market also receives a very tough competition due to the operations of Apple in China. Whereas the Nokia nearly banished from the market quite for some time and it feels the heat from the iPhone.

Success of Apple

Regarding the revenue collection, Apple is the largest company in the smartphone market which is considered the present giant of the mobile industry. It is reported, that Nokia is trying to regain its market share by suing Apple for patents and even it desires to influx the cash from Apple.


Top 5 breathtaking valid rumors about iPhone 8

Whenever you switch to a new phone, you always look for the features. A phone box or maybe an iPhone must be full of amazing features that can drive your mind crazy. Individuals are as yet busy with a fresh outbox new iPhone 7, yet that won’t put off anybody away from imaging about the upcoming iPhone 8.

Let’s look some predictable rumors in the next iPhone 8 which will reestablish your confidence in iPhone for the best:

Wireless charging

It is expected that Apple to put remote charging in the greater part of its 2017 iPhones, including the advanced 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch editions of the 7 and 7 Plus. Apple could choose to restrict the component to its expected 5.8-inch bezel-less iPhone 8. The extension of remote charging is one of the leading gossips we caught in the upcoming iPhone 8, and we’ll without a doubt keep hearing about the device until it is released in the coming year.

Curved Screen

The iPhone 8 will be a curved screen, implying that it twists marginally around the edges. An iPhone with an OLED show will be possibly more costly, a higher-end display. Moreover, Apple is testing more than ten models for this next gadget. It is heard that Apple is investigating at last conveying OLED showcases to its iPhone line. Also, it makes logic that the OLED display is kept for a higher-end iPhone model.

Folds like a book

It is possible that iPhone 8 might have the capacity to twist around like you fold to close a book. Apple has recently been accepted a patent for a book-like iPhone that utilized an OLED display that can fold like a book. Apple has quite recently begun to consider utilizing OLED, so there may not be sufficient time to combine a bendable, foldable display on the iPhone 8.

Three new models

Apple will position three models of the iPhone 8 in 2017, as indicated by a report from KGI Securities experts. One model will wear a 5.5-inch OLED screen and a second camera. The second one will have a 5.5-inch LCD screen, additionally with a second camera. The third one will be a 4.7-inch iPhone with an LCD screen and a single camera system. Surveyors have been revealed that Apple can change to OLED shows in 2017, iPhone with a bent or curved display, which would surely help the iPhone 8, a dazzling variable.

Return to all glass

Apple can take a page from its particular book and release an iPhone 8 with a glass front and back.

An OLED display

Apple is apparently in gossips with Sharp to be one of its primary providers of OLED showcases to use in the upcoming iPhones. Yes. OLED, in fact, this innovation is more adaptable than LCD and would permit Apple to make the iPhone bezel razor-thin. However, the 2017 and 2018 iPhones are far away, Apple’s collections might modify.

A few apps that you will need to have in your iPhone 7


The Google’s primary messaging or the email app is a boon to all the iPhone users, and it serves as a great communication tool if the user is using the Gmail’s email service. According to the experts the Outlook, cannot handle all kinds of e-mail accounts provided by different companies. But the Gmail’s app makes the entire working of the email database in a much faster and seamless way. That capacity of the Gmail app makes it a must app for all iPhone users. Hence, the Gmail easily becomes the primary e-mail app in the iPhone. The smooth, seamless interface gives it the most important priority but unfortunately, Apple does not allow third-party app to be the default app.

Google Maps

Google Maps is another great product from the largest Internet giant. It has the most updated detailed geographic information of almost all the places around the world. The voice assistance features while navigations on the car, foot or public transports acts as a boon for the commuters. The help of Google Maps will now help you to see the estimated traveling times along with the integration of your Google account for the quick access to the work and home addresses. The offline maps, indoor maps, and even the street view act as the icing on the cake. Though the Apple Maps had a shaky start, recent updates make it capable of most features of the Google Maps. The Here Maps act as an excellent substitute for the Google Maps.


The iPhone is almost incomplete without the Evernote app for iPhones. The users of iPhone become much more productive with the help of the Evernote app, when they are away from their desktops It is a free application available in the Apple Store which enables the user to take up important notes, and eventually, it outdoes its rivals with its inbuilt robust searching capabilities and seamless organization. The secret behind the popularity and success is that the Evernote synchronizes all the data of the user’s by saving it to its online cloud storage, which gives the user the access to the files even if the iPhone user logs into the Evernote’s server using a different device.


Snapchat is a visual chat app, which can be very fun to use. The experts recommend not using Snapchat as a secure and private messaging app. It is a simple app, which enables you to use and swap gorgeous visuals with your friends. The messages sent with the help of Snapchat disappear from the receiver’s phone after a short while. The sender can choose up to a time frame of 10 seconds as the limit of the period. Snapping a picture, drawing or writing on top of it, if you wish or you can even choose the amount of time so that the recipient can have a look at it, and only send it away. Just bearing in mind that all the digital media is reproducible, and you should never send anything private and illicit, or anything, which is meant to be secured through Snapchat.


Yelp is the most powerful business-reviewing app. Sometimes it turns out to be a valuable tool for finding stores, restaurants, and services nearby. It helps especially when you’re out of town in a foreign land where you don’t have the idea about anything. The mobile app contributes to finding a place of need in the nearby locality. It can be finding a hairdresser or local restaurants and even finding the best ratings about a hotel or inn. The app is quite reliable and works globally.

Top five features and tricks of the iPhone 7 that you did not know before


Waterproof Technology

The new iPhone 7 has launched globally with its new Waterproofing Technology. But the users of the iPhone 7 must be aware of the reality. It has been advised by the top officials of Apple that though the new iPhone 7 is waterproof, it should not be put in charge for nearly five to six hours after it has been dropped into water. The users must realize that though the mixture of water and electronic gadgets works well but still there is no combination of electricity and water. The story does not end here; the officials also recommend not opening the SIM Card tray for the prescribed time frame. It may sound like rules, but ultimately you will be benefited the next time you find yourself in such soup.

Bedtime Feature

The days when you missed your beauty sleep are gone. IOS 10 in iPhone 7 offers the feature of bedtime instead of the old traditional alarm clock. All you have to consider is keeping all the details in your phone like how much sleep you need or when you need to be woken up. After setting all the details, the phone takes care of the rest. The phone monitors your sleep and even prompts you to go to bed at the right time. It acts as a digital parent who monitors activities and prompts at the right intervals to make sure that you never miss your beauty sleep. Get quick loan to buy phones.

Lock Screen Camera

The users of the earlier versions of iPhone might have felt lucky as they got their hands on the new iPhone 7, as they could not find the little camera icon on the bottom right corner of the screen. But later on, they regretted because though the camera icon was missing in the iPhone 7 but the feature wasn’t. Even it got much easier to access the camera. All needs to be done are just to swipe the lock screen, and the camera pops up. It just got that easy. It’s a great opportunity for the smartphone photographers.

Messaging without unlocking the device

The urgent replies never need to be in the queue again. You can directly reply without even unlocking the smartphone. Every moment matters and the time went never comes back again. Hence the all-new lock screen widget of the iPhone 7 can be accessed without the need for the security features. You need just to click on the received message on the lock screen, and you can reply to the message instantly without the necessity of the password hassles. There is some security and privacy concerns related to the matter but to access the entire message history the need for the security features are mandatory.

Hard Reset

It feels weird when our phone gets stuck due to software and hardware glitches and the geeky friend advice us to switch off our phone and switch it on again. Sometimes it gets out of control, and we need to reset our phone hard. Luckily the new iPhone 7 sports the hard reset feature, which saves a lot of precious time and at the same time gives a sigh of relief to the user. All the user needs to do is just keep holding power and volume down buttons continuously gives the expensive iPhone 7 an official hard reset and the user finally experiences a relief.