Top five features and tricks of the iPhone 7 that you did not know before


Waterproof Technology

The new iPhone 7 has launched globally with its new Waterproofing Technology. But the users of the iPhone 7 must be aware of the reality. It has been advised by the top officials of Apple that though the new iPhone 7 is waterproof, it should not be put in charge for nearly five to six hours after it has been dropped into water. The users must realize that though the mixture of water and electronic gadgets works well but still there is no combination of electricity and water. The story does not end here; the officials also recommend not opening the SIM Card tray for the prescribed time frame. It may sound like rules, but ultimately you will be benefited the next time you find yourself in such soup.

Bedtime Feature

The days when you missed your beauty sleep are gone. IOS 10 in iPhone 7 offers the feature of bedtime instead of the old traditional alarm clock. All you have to consider is keeping all the details in your phone like how much sleep you need or when you need to be woken up. After setting all the details, the phone takes care of the rest. The phone monitors your sleep and even prompts you to go to bed at the right time. It acts as a digital parent who monitors activities and prompts at the right intervals to make sure that you never miss your beauty sleep. Get quick loan to buy phones.

Lock Screen Camera

The users of the earlier versions of iPhone might have felt lucky as they got their hands on the new iPhone 7, as they could not find the little camera icon on the bottom right corner of the screen. But later on, they regretted because though the camera icon was missing in the iPhone 7 but the feature wasn’t. Even it got much easier to access the camera. All needs to be done are just to swipe the lock screen, and the camera pops up. It just got that easy. It’s a great opportunity for the smartphone photographers.

Messaging without unlocking the device

The urgent replies never need to be in the queue again. You can directly reply without even unlocking the smartphone. Every moment matters and the time went never comes back again. Hence the all-new lock screen widget of the iPhone 7 can be accessed without the need for the security features. You need just to click on the received message on the lock screen, and you can reply to the message instantly without the necessity of the password hassles. There is some security and privacy concerns related to the matter but to access the entire message history the need for the security features are mandatory.

Hard Reset

It feels weird when our phone gets stuck due to software and hardware glitches and the geeky friend advice us to switch off our phone and switch it on again. Sometimes it gets out of control, and we need to reset our phone hard. Luckily the new iPhone 7 sports the hard reset feature, which saves a lot of precious time and at the same time gives a sigh of relief to the user. All the user needs to do is just keep holding power and volume down buttons continuously gives the expensive iPhone 7 an official hard reset and the user finally experiences a relief.